A Few Common Scams Travelers Need to Know in the Netherlands

Many people visit the Netherlands because of its natural landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant cities. If you plan to go to the Netherlands, you must know about all these scams. The most common scams many new people fall into are taxis and Uber. Even though legit, it is, most of the time, risky. Taxi Utreg has interacted with some passengers who went through such scams, and here are the results. Read and learn what scams you have to be aware of.

Transport scams

As mentioned above, transportation is the main scam. People often hire taxis to avoid public transport, especially if they are new to Utreg. When you hire a taxi without reviewing or checking its price, they will eventually ask you more than regular taxi services like Taxi Utreg. Whether it is a taxi bus, or taxi, you must be aware of such scams.

Reservation fraudulent

Reservation scams have been popular in recent years. Scammers create fake websites or post fake accommodation on social media platforms. They will offer impressive offers at a low cost. As an outsider, people easily fall into this trap. Once the transaction ends, they will break the contact with the person. In this case, you cannot even sue a case against the scammers.
A Few Common Scams Travelers Need to Know in the Netherlands

Fake Patrol Officers

The next popular scam in the Netherlands is fake patrol officers. They used to wear fake badges and open your things without your permission in the name of searching. You cannot do anything as you will trust them to be real police officers. If they find money or valuable things, they will steal them. This scam is common around Amsterdam.


It is quite popular in every country, but thieves are more common in areas like Central Station or Dam Square. They try to enter a large group or crowd of people. Most of the time, they approach the tourists in a friendly manner and distract them by communicating with them. While distracting the people, they steal their things. Not only tourists but also locals have fallen prey to such scammers.

Drug Sellers

The drug sellers often target tourist people; mostly, it happens in popular areas like the Red Light District. They sell drugs at a meager price. They tempt people to buy it, and the low price persuades them. Sometimes, they used to give samples to people, and even though the person refused to buy, they will demand him to pay for the sample.

Tulip Stands

Tulips are deeply rooted in Dutch culture. Sometimes, people use the popularity of tulips to scam others. Some sellers might try to sell you low-quality or fake bulbs, claiming they are real. People should know that tulips can grow in autumn, and the survival period is short. It is not fair, but sadly, it happens.

Fake Money

As a visitor or new person to the Netherlands, aware of fake currencies. Fake cash is a popular Dutch scam in finance since the Euro is readily produced and circulated throughout Europe. Tourists usually report receiving fake Euro banknotes. It is difficult for them to recognize fake currencies, which might cause them many legal problems in a foreign nation.

Be aware of such scams. People new to the Netherlands who are choosing public transport will easily fall for such scams. If you plan your adventures in the beautiful Netherlands, hiring a taxi is wise. A professional and local driver will act as your well-wishers so that you can avoid many scams. Visit and book Taxi Utreg and enjoy your trip.

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